Stephen Grant

Stephen Grant

Stephen Grant is a philosopher and an award-winning novelist. His first book, A Moment More Sublime, won the silver medal for contemporary fiction at the Independent Publisher Awards in 2015. Spanish Lightwas the Distinguished Favourite in the category of literary fiction at the Independent Press Awards of 2019.  His most recent work, Late, Late in the Eveningwon the bronze medal for European Fiction at the 2022 Independent Publisher Awards, the medal won the year before by the Booker Prize winning novel Shuggie Bain. His philosophical publications have mainly been in the field of Ethics and Philosophy of the Emotions.

His fiction focuses on philosophical and political issues such as what it means to lead a fulfilling life and the role of art in a good life. Each of his books has a philosopher as one of the central characters.

He is a lecturer in philosophy at a college in north London, as well as a trade union activist.

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