In Conversation with Victoria Olajide

August 11, 2021

Victoria Olajide founded TVOTRIBE in July 2019, a Pan-African community building culturally aware creatives in Africa and in the Diaspora. Olajide started this venture on her own and has since expande…

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The Books You Should Read For Women In Translation Month! – August

August 9, 2021

August is Women in Translation Month (#WITMonth) – an annual celebration (which, if we’re being honest, might as well be yearlong for Neem Tree Press) of literature written by women that has been tran…

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In Conversation with Chris Moody

July 29, 2021

Chris Moody is the founder of Bang the Drum. He has over 35+ years of experience in publishing and has worked with some of the largest UK publishers prior to going freelance and moving to working with…

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In Conversation with Rumana Yasmin

July 15, 2021

Rumana Yasmin is the founder of BokBok Books, an independent book publisher specialising in both English and Bengali children’s books. Starting the company with no industry knowledge, Rumana’s journey…

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In Conversation with Sanjee de Silva

July 1, 2021

Sanjee de Silva is a relatively recent addition to the Sweet Cherry team and comes from an amazingly diverse background – from being an accounts manager and brand manager for companies like Ralph Laur…

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In Conversation with Divia Kainth

June 25, 2021

Divia Kainth is Head of Sales and Marketing at independent children’s publisher, Sweet Cherry Publishing. The company recently took home the Small Press of the Year 2021 prize at the British Book Awar…

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In Conversation with Sade Omeje

May 27, 2021

Sade Omeje is an Editorial and Publisher’s Assistant at HarperCollins, working across the William Collins and 4th Estate divisions. A proud Mancunian, Sade completed her degree at the University of Ma…

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In Conversation with Taliha Quadri

April 29, 2021

Taliha Quadri is a British Pakistani freelance editor based in Bedfordshire, England. She has been an editor for over six years and has worked as a proofreader for Hachette, Joffe Books and Bloomsbury…

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In Conversation with Amy Wong

April 19, 2021

This week’s instalment of Publishing Insiders features Amy Wong, production controller at Bloomsbury. Originally from Lincolnshire, Amy has worked at various independent publishing houses and is the f…

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In Conversation with Katalina Watt

March 25, 2021

Katalina Watt is an author and publisher based in Edinburgh. She currently works in Audio and Digital for Canongate Books, an award-winning independent publisher, and as Audio Director for khōréō, a q…

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In Conversation with Tanja Goossens

March 5, 2021

For our first instalment of Publishing Insiders, a new interview series on the blog, we spoke with Tanja Goossens, TV extraordinaire-turned-publishing professional. I connected with Tanja through Twit…

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Amazing Authors, Prize Shortlists, Grants and Testing Democracy

November 28, 2020

We’ve been mesmerized by the incredulous twists and turns in the 2020 US presidential election saga. It made us appreciate the strength of the US judiciary and brought home how precious democracy is a…

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The Awakening

July 20, 2020

We’ve been a little paralyzed by the lock-down and have found ourselves navigating Dr Seuss’s surreal Waiting Place. We too have been ‘waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or t…

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Spring Fever

March 17, 2020

We are hunkering down in central London and had been venturing out to a few (small) meetings, but as of tomorrow, this will be stopping completely for a while. It’s certainly a very surreal time. We’v…

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‘Modest Fashion’ Is An Emotive Phrase

February 3, 2020

This is our first blog post of the new year and it’s already February 3rd, Brexit ‘has happened’ and we’ve had a national press article by the author of our first non-fiction book, Modesty: A Fashion…

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Happy Holidays And A Wonderful New Year!

December 24, 2019

Wishing everyone a peaceful, blessed and magical holiday – wherever you are in the world! And the warmest and best of wishes in 2020 for all of us living on this beautiful pale blue dot suspended in a…

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In the news

We love to read more about the topics our authors write about or just explore interesting news items! Here are some things that have caught our eye recently.

5 minute read

Pregnancy in an Ebola outbreak—protecting women and health workers

Efforts to contain the spread of Ebola shouldn’t compromise healthcare for women experiencing pregnancy complications, says Benjamin Black.

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5 minute read

A doctor’s Ebola memoir is all too timely with a new outbreak in Uganda

Black is now an ob/gyn consultant in London and an adviser to international aid organizations including Medicins Sans Frontieres. We interviewed him about his experiences and their relevance to present and future epidemics.

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15 minute read

The Three Hares: A Guest Piece by David Ross and Scott Lauder

The Terracotta Horse is a fantastic adventure that takes the reader from Song Dynasty in China to the palace of Byzantium to Viking raids in Engand, in which three teens battle an ancient power-seeking revenge by exerting its force in the modern world. Fasten your seatbelts!

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5 minute read

We Need Better Relationships and Sex Education in Schools

Jenna Adams is a writer whose debut novel, Can I Stray, highlights the importance of comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education in schools. In this blog, she shares her experiences of growing up with the consequences of poor RSE, and why she believes all young people deserve better.

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30 minute read

“The body is the container of traumas” – Dr. Shahd Alshammari

“The body is the container of traumas”: illness narratives, disability, & women’s voices Dr. Shahd Alshammari Kuwaiti- Palestinian author of her latest book “Head Above Water: Reflections on Illness”, academic scholar, and Assistant Professor of English Literature at the Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait.

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5 minute read

Navigating Ebola: Women’s Health in a Bloody Epidemic

Ebola epidemics summon the world’s attention...But as with all emergencies, what is seen is only the tip and below lies a complex mass of other hardships and suffering. Benjamin Black, author of Belly Woman tells us more.

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30 minute read

Belly Woman Book Launch

Dr Benjamin Black in conversation with Archna Sharma (Neem Tree Press) at The Frontline Club for the book launch of 'Belly Woman: Birth, Blood & Ebola The Untold Story.'

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