In Conversation with Chris Moody

July 29, 2021

Chris Moody is the founder of Bang the Drum. He has over 35+ years of experience in publishing and has worked with some of the largest UK publishers prior to going freelance and moving to working with…

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In Conversation with Rumana Yasmin

July 15, 2021

Rumana Yasmin is the founder of BokBok Books, an independent book publisher specialising in both English and Bengali children’s books. Starting the company with no industry knowledge, Rumana’s journey…

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In Conversation with Sanjee de Silva

July 1, 2021

Sanjee de Silva is a relatively recent addition to the Sweet Cherry team and comes from an amazingly diverse background – from being an accounts manager and brand manager for companies like Ralph Laur…

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In Conversation with Divia Kainth

June 25, 2021

Divia Kainth is Head of Sales and Marketing at independent children’s publisher, Sweet Cherry Publishing. The company recently took home the Small Press of the Year 2021 prize at the British Book Awar…

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In Conversation with Sade Omeje

May 27, 2021

Sade Omeje is an Editorial and Publisher’s Assistant at HarperCollins, working across the William Collins and 4th Estate divisions. A proud Mancunian, Sade completed her degree at the University of Ma…

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In Conversation with Taliha Quadri

April 29, 2021

Taliha Quadri is a British Pakistani freelance editor based in Bedfordshire, England. She has been an editor for over six years and has worked as a proofreader for Hachette, Joffe Books and Bloomsbury…

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In Conversation with Amy Wong

April 19, 2021

This week’s instalment of Publishing Insiders features Amy Wong, production controller at Bloomsbury. Originally from Lincolnshire, Amy has worked at various independent publishing houses and is the f…

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In Conversation with Katalina Watt

March 25, 2021

Katalina Watt is an author and publisher based in Edinburgh. She currently works in Audio and Digital for Canongate Books, an award-winning independent publisher, and as Audio Director for khōréō, a q…

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In the news

We love to read more about the topics our authors write about or just explore interesting news items! Here are some things that have caught our eye recently.

5 minute read

Why men need to step up and help women smash the glass ceiling

Hira Ali's new book shows men how to advocate for their female colleagues at work

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5 minute read

The white women of the Norwegian handball team are finding out what hijabi women knew all along

It’s a travesty that these sportswomen were fined for refusing to wear small bikini bottoms — and it’s rare that the people campaigning for more modest attire look this way

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5 minute read

Navigating the seas: Why Muslim women’s swimwear doesn’t define our faith

Imbued with issues of modesty and body autonomy, swimwear is far too contentious a topic among Muslim women.

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5 minute read

The Three Hares: Claire Storey Interviews David Ross and Scott Lauder

Claire Storey interviews authors of The Three Hares middle-grade fantasy quest trilogy, David Ross and Scott Lauder.

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5 minute read

What does The Three Hare Symbol Really Mean?

Ever wondered what the three hare symbol means from Scott Lauder and David Ross' middle-grade fantasy quest series. Read on to find out the strange and mysterious history behind it.

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15 minute read

‘Call it out’: How men can actually make women feel safer

In the wake of Sarah Everard's death, many men asked 'what can I do?' Hira Ali has answered with a new book. Here she shares her advice

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5 minute read

How to be a better feminist ally

Gender inequality is an issue that effects everybody, yet the onus is almost always on women to fix what they invariably didn’t start in the first place. Hira Ali feels it’s about time men shouldered some of that burden. That’s why she’s written Her Allies: A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy.

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5 minute read

How fashion rentals became 2021s top style trend

As a new luxury fashion rental platform prepares to launch in Dubai in July, we take a look at how the trend is burgeoning, in spite of social stigmas.

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