Simona Slavova

Simona Slavova

Hey there! I am Simona, a 26-year-old Bulgarian Illustrator, currently based in Lisbon. I love life, colour, and art in any shape it may come. You can recognize my work by the bright splashes of colour and the pop art references. I find a lot of inspiration in the brave and openminded wave of the 70s from its colours to its beliefs. I am always looking for inspiration in what’s around me and I love playing around with everyday objects as my motives. I am currently working on the The Vanitas and Other Tales by Jake Kendall.  

Covers designed by Simona Slavova

The Vanitas & Other Tales of Art and Obsession

Jake Kendall

Spanning three hundred years of art history, this illustrated short story collection is centred around the concept of creative obsession. Weaving art styles such as Cubism, Surrealism, and the Baroque into his prose, Jake Kendall has crafted a series of vivid and inventive stories.