Ishy Walters

Ishy Walters

Ishy Walters works as an illustrator and mural artist from her home in the hills of NE Scotland.  With artists on both sides of the family she has always drawn and painted wherever she has found herself living or travelling and likes to explore different styles and mediums to create a unique response to each new project.

As a high functioning dyslexic with dyscalculia (to use the technical jargon) Ishy is fascinated by the power of visual learning. Because we can record and retrieve highly complex concepts through easily recalled images, communicate many layers of information in one picture, and trigger all our other senses with sight, she believes there is a much greater potential for the visual arts in both education and the work place.  That pictures can transcend the boundaries of language, society, and culture, and connect people across these chasms is a constant motivation for her work.

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Kenneth Steven

One day Douglas finds an injured Greylag goose and so begins his and his father’s mission to nurse the bird, and themselves, back to health after the death of his mother.