Norah’s Ark

By Victoria Williamson

PUBLICATION DATE: August 29, 2023

PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781911107996

EBOOK ISBN: 9781915584007

COLLECTION: Children’s Fiction

Norah’s Ark

By Victoria Williamson

Norah Day lives in temporary accommodation, relies on foodbanks for dinner, and doesn’t have a mum. But she’s happy enough, as she has a dad and a mini zoo of rescued wildlife to care for.

Adam Sinclair lives with his parents in a nice house with a private tutor and everything he could ever want. But his life isn’t perfect – far from it. He’s stuck at home recovering from cancer with an overprotective mum and no friends.

When a nest of baby birds brings them together as an animal rescue team, Adam and Norah discover they’re not so different after all. Can they solve the mystery of Norah’s missing mother together? And can their teamwork save their zoo of rescued animals from the rising flood?

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