Cows Can’t Jump

By Philip Bowne

PUBLICATION DATE: September 24, 2020

PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781911107354

EBOOK ISBN: 9781911107361

Collection: Neem Tree Press

Cows Can’t Jump

By Philip Bowne
Cover designed by James Jones

This witty and poignant coming-of-age story catapults 18-year-old Billy Reed across Europe. Penniless and desperate to escape middle England, Billy is working as a grave-digger, the ultimate dead-end job. To make matters worse, he’s a virgin, and there’s no hope of him meeting a girl any time soon. The only women at work are in coffins. Meeting the older, mysterious Eva changes everything. A scramble across Europe follows, involving hitch-hiking with truckers, walking with refugees, and an encounter with suicidal cows. But the further Billy goes, the harder it is to be sure what he’s chasing – and what he’s running from. Part coming-of-age narrative, part European travel adventure, this is a hilarious and moving book for everyone who wants to break away and follow their dreams.


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