Belly Woman Birth, Blood & Ebola: The Untold Story

By Benjamin Black

PUBLICATION DATE: October 18, 2022

PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781911107576

HARDBACK ISBN: 9781911107569

EBOOK ISBN: 9781911107583

Collection: Neem Tree Press

Belly Woman Birth, Blood & Ebola: The Untold Story

By Benjamin Black
Cover designed by James Jones

‘This book will stay with me for years.’ –ADAM KAY, author of This Is Going to Hurt

What happens to pregnant women when a humanitarian catastrophe strikes?   

Belly Woman shines a light on a story often left untold.  

May, 2014. Sierra Leone is ranked the country with the highest death rate of pregnant women in the world. The same month, Ebola crosses in from neighbouring Guinea. Arriving a few weeks later, Dr Benjamin Black finds himself at the centre of an exponential Ebola outbreak. From impossible decisions on the maternity ward to moral dilemmas at the Ebola Treatment Centres. One mistake, one error of judgment, could spell disaster.  

An eye-opening work of reportage and advocacy, Belly Woman chronicles the inside journey through an unfolding global health crisis and the struggle to save the lives of young mothers. As Black reckons with the demons of the past, he must try to learn the lessons for a different, more resilient, future.       

‘A must-read for our times – riveting, illuminating and humbling.’ — AMINATTA FORNA, author of The Memory of Love and The Devil That Danced on the Water

‘An inspirational story of compassion and dedication in the face of a brutal epidemic.’ — LEAH HAZARD, author of Hard Pushed: A Midwife’s Story

‘Brave, moving, and vital. . . Read it.’ — DAMIEN BROWN, author of Band-Aid for A Broken Leg


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