About us

Neem Tree Press is a young publishing house producing books that broaden and change perspectives.

The neem, declared by the United Nations as the ‘tree for the 21st century’ is a hardy, drought resistant tree that thrives in poor soil conditions and has many medicinal properties.  It provides generous shade and oxygen to those who rest under it, as well as producing pesticides to keep plants healthy in its vicinity. We hope to follow in the footsteps of our namesake and thrive under difficult market conditions, providing much food for thought through our Adult and MG/YA lists.

We are truly global in scope with books under contract from Germany, the Middle East, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom to date. However, the common theme for our books is to provoke both thoughtful discussion on sensitive issues and a thirst in the reader to explore further the ideas or cultures they encounter through our books’ characters and their milieus, whether near or far.

For clarity we will carve out our MG/YA list under the Seven Seas Press collection, invoking a sense of adventure, danger and exploration with stories grounded in art, culture and history from around the world.