‘Modest Fashion’ Is An Emotive Phrase

Posted in Neem Tree Blog on February 3, 2020

This is our first blog post of the new year and it’s already February 3rd, Brexit ‘has happened’ and we’ve had a national press article by the author of our first non-fiction book, Modesty: A Fashion Paradox. Hafsa Lodi Shares Her ‘Modest’ Fashion Hacks As soon as the article came out, we saw the comments and shares climb. Many comments were positive, some quite the opposite. The word ‘modest’ as related to women’s clothes is very contentious. What is ‘immodest’ and who decides? I would urge you all to read the book and gain an interesting insight into this huge and growing retail category! And we are so excited to be going to Dubai for the Emirates Literature Festival and are looking forward to attending the panel discussion on the book.

Children of War, to be published in March, is a beautiful novel set during a traumatic period in Crete’s history, the ramifications of which are still being felt today through Muslim refugees from Syria retracing their roots to Greece or the Greek islands. The novel asks us to consider notions of identity – what makes us Greek or Turkish or British? How many generations does it take before you are considered to be ‘from’ a place? This is an interesting article highlighting how era is still so relevant today: Europe’s Forgotten Greek Muslims .

We are looking for 11-12 year old reviewers for the first book in our Three Hares Series – The Jade Dragonball. If you have any suggestions – please let us know! The best way to contact us is through social media @neemtreepress.

We are submitting Trees for the Absentees for a number of awards and keeping our fingers crossed! And we are collating wonderful reviews for Toletis – a book we feel is so much in sync with the times with its message of eco-activism.

We’ve been hard at work signing up or commissioning books for 2021. We are also in the market for someone interested in getting involved with all aspects of the business! Running a small publishing is incredibly hardback – but very interesting and rewarding!

Till next week!