Fugit Inreparabile Tempus

Posted in Neem Tree Blog on December 3, 2019

We were dismayed by the tragedy that unfolded on London Bridge and the senseless death of two beautiful souled young people who lost their lives while trying to help rehabilitate prisoners back into society. What a terribly sad loss for their families and such a loss for society. There was a break of just one day for this tragedy and then the UK continued with the election campaign. We are sobered by this event and in great appreciation of all those ‘ordinary’ people who charged the attacker and averted an even greater disaster.

The advanced review copies for Children of War and Modesty: A Fashion Paradox arrived during this sobering period. We’ve thankfully booked #RandomThingsTour by Anne Cater for UK focused blog tours for both books. The US-focused Historic Fiction Blog Tour for Distant Signs received some wonderful reviews which we still need to add to our website. There was also an amazing response to the giveaway with 944 entries. We have no idea whether this is more or less than average on Amy’s tours, but we are suitably impressed and can’t wait for her to start on Children of War for next year.

Modesty: A Fashion Paradox by Hafsa Lodi has had an auspicious start with an inclusion in an article by Layla Haidrani in CosmoUK’s ‘ Best books by BAME and POC authors to read in 2020’. Best books by BAME and POC authors to read in 2020 And Hafsa, a journalist by training, also wrote this article for Female First. Ten Things You Need To Know About Modest Fashion

Till next week.