Blog Tours And Giveaways – And A Plea To Everyone To Wear Bright Colours In Dreary Autumn Weather!

Posted in Neem Tree Blog on November 13, 2019

In grey London autumn weather, we are always surprised that everyone contributes to the dreariness by wearing dark blue, black and brown coats. Today on the tube we saw only two people who had brightly coloured coats, one an electric blue and one a bright red out of a carriage of around thirty people. We so wish everyone would dress in bright colours in autumn and winter. Imagine how the streets would look dotted with ochres, magnolias, flame reds, turquoise and bright greens!

We’ve had to deal with the limitations of the very physical side of publishing books this week. It’s taken longer than we expected to transfer books where they need to be. We’ve also packed boxes, addressed and filled envelopes, requested printer quotes for our next few books, trekked off to the post office or dropped off packages to the little newsagent two doors down that is, rather conveniently, a UPS drop off.

We’re also delighted to be getting great reviews on the blog tour for The Three Hares: The Jade Dragonball via @annecater’s wonderful #randomthingstour. Here are some of them:

I flew through the pages and did not want to put it down, it was a fantastic read and I can see this being such a hit – it was great and I loved the mix of fantasy and history! by @dmmaguire391;

‘everyone will enjoy The Three Hares – The Jade Dragonball just as much as I have, it’s packed full of adventure and magic a bit like Harry Potter.’ by young Eva through her mother’s blog @Lentlesslypurpl; Her mother tells us Eva has already read the book twice – so high praise indeed!

‘a marvellous adventure tale… so well written and will appeal to any age… There’s Chinese history, art, culture… Charming, twisty and very engaging…’ by the lovely @lelbudge;

An exciting, new, middle grade, historical, fantasy fiction series…The Three Hares series will educate as well as entertain. With both female and male protagonists, historical and cultural and a plot that promotes values such as grit, inner strength, resilience, empathy and confidence, this is sure to be a huge hit in and out of the classroom.’ by The Magic of Worlds ; and, from the USA,

An Excellent Middle Grade Fantasy Novel to Add to Your TBR from AwkwordlyEmma’s post.


We’ve embarked on a month-long blog tour with @HFVBT for Distant Signs. The tour has kicked off with some superb reviews: by  @booksinTNH, ‘I was not prepared for how much this book would stir my soul… By the end of the book, you find yourself thinking back about how profound it was…’

‘Distant Signs is a beautifully written novel that will stick with the reader long after closing it.’ by @ABookGeek

‘With Distant Signs, Anne Richter created a deep story with well-written characters and beautiful prose.’ by @CometReadings

And we are so happy that to date 441 people have signed up for the giveaway. We think we really need to send the book out to at least three people and not just one!

And on a very exciting note, Neem Tree Press will be represented by Hafsa Lodi at the February 2020 Emirates Literature Festival, the author of Modesty: A Fashion Paradox, our first non-fiction book. Almost weekly we see articles on the growing modest fashion industry, and this week was no exception: Modest fashion: ‘I feel confident and comfortable’ – BBC News and in late October, ‘The Co-opting of Modest Fashion – The New York Times’ .

Till next week!