No Free Lunches: Our clean energy needs to be sourced responsibly…

Posted in Neem Tree Blog on October 12, 2019

The week has flown by and we are ready for Frankfurt. There were a few hiccups, but the brochure is done, books will be in our hands by Monday at the latest, and we’ve downloaded the highly functional app for the fair. It’s our first time going to Frankfurt and we are excited but, more importantly, hoping we make contacts, sell rights and generally soak in market information.

We are absolutely thrilled to have signed on with Casemate Group for global distribution! Here’s to a long and fruitful relationship with a very supportive partner. We will now be able to concentrate on building our list knowing we can get the books out to the world.

We have just finished a #randomthings blog tour organized by the amazing @annecater for The Umbrella Men by Keith Carter. To close the tour, @theliteraryshed writes ‘…Carter’s… characters are…sharply drawn, the humour black, their actions and attitudes intentionally amusing and shocking.’ And we should be shocked: the financial crisis ripped apart lives as the profit motive blinded the financial world to the consequences of increasingly risky leverage. And we should also be wary of the march to renewables without understanding their negative consequences on the environment. We all know we need to get to ‘cleaner’ energy, but history should teach us that there are no free lunches. Just think back to the recent fiasco with diesel cars.

If you love our planet and firmly believe we need to protect the environment read The Umbrella Men. @theliteraryshed writes that learning about rare earth metals was a ‘revelation’. As this article in The Big Think notes, ‘A rapid increase in demand for metals for renewable energy…could lead to mining of marginal or unconventional resources, which are often in more remote or biodiverse places…Many of these areas rich in minerals are remote wilderness, which have yet to be touched by any commercial endeavor.’ Our Green Energy Needs To Be Sourced Responsibly .

The article goes on, ‘With a world running completely on renewables, the metal requirements would be astronomical. The only way you’re going to feed this need is by opening up more mines worldwide. Combined with our unsustainable mining practices, we’ll be doing more harm than good…Large scale commercial strip mining of forests, slave labor, and ecological destruction would all be necessary to feed our current “green dream.”‘ This is a sobering thought indeed.

Next week we’ll write with news about how our very first visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair went. Wishing you all a wonderful week from a very rainy London.