Risque Submissions

Posted in Neem Tree Blog on September 29, 2019

Hello everyone! It’s been a relatively mundane week except for some rather risque submissions. Perhaps we need to be a little more explicit about the kinds of books we will not publish. Explicit sexual content is really not our thing, and neither is brutal violence. We received a very interesting, extremely well written novel about drug cartels a little while back in which the x-rated scenes were not gratuitous in the least and in fact integral to the novel, but we just couldn’t handle them.

We were very excited to receive three agented submissions, in addition to direct ones. We hope to sign a few contracts in the next couple of months for our 2020 and 2021 and looking out for our 2022 list. We are keen to increase our non-fiction list in particular. We are also exploring audiobook options for some of our titles and hope to have our first one out in early 2020.

We came across the following article in The Conversation about the translation process, using Jane Eyre as an example. It is fascinating: Jane Eyre translated: 57 languages show how different cultures interpret Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel

We were also pleased, but a little surprised to have an article related to modest fashion in The Sun, but here it is: Modest Model Mariah Idrissi and Hijabs

The usual ups and downs for an indie publisher continue with printer schedules, print formats, sales and distribution, marketing and publicity. As usual, we take things a day at a time and know that building a business is many marathons strung together with an occasional sprint in between. Till next week!