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An Excerpt From Fashion Journalist Hafsa Lodi’s Book | Teen Vogue

Hafsa Lodi is an American journalist who has been covering fashion in the Middle East for the past decade. Her debut non-fiction book, Modesty: A Fashion Paradox, published by Neem Tree Press, launched in June 2020 and explores the causes, controversies, and key players of the global modest fashion movement. Here is an exclusive excerpt from her book exploring modest fashion bloggers as “ambassadors” of Islam.

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Catalca: The Town in Turkey Where They Speak Greek

Prior to the 1923 exchange, Orthodox Greeks and Muslim Turks used to live peacefully together in Catalca. After the exchange, Muslim people from Grevena, Lagadas, Kilkis, Drama and other cities and towns of Macedonia settled in the residential areas of Çatalca, replacing the Greeks who had to abandon their homes.

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