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Pregnancy in an Ebola outbreak—protecting women and health workers

Efforts to contain the spread of Ebola shouldn’t compromise healthcare for women experiencing pregnancy complications, says Benjamin Black.

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A doctor’s Ebola memoir is all too timely with a new outbreak in Uganda

Black is now an ob/gyn consultant in London and an adviser to international aid organizations including Medicins Sans Frontieres. We interviewed him about his experiences and their relevance to present and future epidemics.

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The Three Hares: A Guest Piece by David Ross and Scott Lauder

The Terracotta Horse is a fantastic adventure that takes the reader from Song Dynasty in China to the palace of Byzantium to Viking raids in Engand, in which three teens battle an ancient power-seeking revenge by exerting its force in the modern world. Fasten your seatbelts!

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We Need Better Relationships and Sex Education in Schools

Jenna Adams is a writer whose debut novel, Can I Stray, highlights the importance of comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education in schools. In this blog, she shares her experiences of growing up with the consequences of poor RSE, and why she believes all young people deserve better.

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