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War of the Wind – by Victoria Williamson

War of the Wind by Victoria Williamson is a young teen eco-thriller for 11+ featuring a cast of children with special needs, this propulsive young teen eco-thriller is a story of secret government weapons testing gone wrong...

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A Conversation with Shahd Alshammari: “Reading and Writing Means Learning to Exist in the World with all its Difficulties.”

In her recently released memoir, Head Above Water, which explores ways of living with one’s body and of dealing with illness and disability, Shahd Alshammari reflects on her personal experience of Multiple Sclerosis. In a region where such issues remain under-discussed, Alshammari takes us “into a space of intimate conversations on illness and society’s stigmatization of disabled bodies”.

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Between Illness and Exile in “Head Above Water”

Tugrul Mende reviews Head Above Water: Reflections on Illness.

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Shahd Alshammari will be at PRIMADONNA FEST 2022

The 2022 Primadonna Festival Lineup, including Shahd Alshammari, author of Head Above Water.

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