Symbolism of the Neem Tree

The Neem Tree, Azadiracht, or ‘Freedom Tree’ in Latin, is a generous survivor providing shade and oxygen to those resting under its dense, spreading, green crownIt is hardy and drought resistant, thriving in very poor soil conditions, as well as releasing natural pesticides into its environment.

We want Neem Tree Press to follow in the footsteps of its namesake and thrive under difficult market conditions.  We aim to plant fresh, exciting, new ideas into children’s and adult literature.

The Neem is a tree that originated in the ‘East’ and has spread geographies to have a global impact.  Similarly, the people behind Neem Tree Press are a truly international group that are scattered throughout the world, with many complimentary skills. Their common vision is to promote new and meaningful ideas in the publishing marketplace.

The United Nations has declared the Neem a ‘tree for the 21st century’ whilst the National Academies Press in Washington D.C. published a book in 1992 titled, “Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems”.