Submission Guidelines

Age Range: 12+ to adult

We accept all formats, including graphic novels.

We accept  primarily English but will actively consider other language submissions. You may present any manuscript in which  you control exclusive copyright.  

In the case of submissions of works already published in another language, the world rights for the English translation must be available and the submitting party must have the permission of the rights holder.

We consider all genres and both fiction and non-fiction with the following broad themes:

  • current social, political and financial
  • global arts, music and culture
  • science and mathematics
  • environment, sustainability and health

For fiction we seek strong, engaging characters with fast paced, adventurous and intriguing plots that will challenge our norms and extend our knowledge of the world.

For non-fiction we seek passionate and eloquent voices with absorbing subject matter that exposes us to new perspectives and knowledge about distant milieus or a new way of looking at our immediate environment.

                                                                                                       Online Submissions