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TOLETIS : by Rafa Ruiz; Illustrated by Elena Hormiga,  Translated from Spanish by Ben Dawlatly

TOLETIS cover ISBN 978-1-911107-14-9

The Trees are disappearing and the adults don’t care. Toletis, his dog Amenophis and friends Claudia and Tutan are on a mission to turn their little valley town, set deep in the mountains, lusciously green again. The odds are stacked against them. Can they succeed … with some very unusual help? 

A deep appreciation for nature, art, language, music, friendship, family, the passing of time, old age, loneliness; and the importance of sitting still and reflecting on life, pervade these exquisite stories. A must read for 7 to 107 year olds! 

 The stories are accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by the uniquely talented Elena Hormiga and have been used by 11-12 year olds in Spanish schools for teaching descriptive and figurative language, art and crafts (with students exploring different media inspired by scenes from the book), and environmental awareness classes. 

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 Code Name: Butterfly by Ahlam Bsharat, translated by Nancy Roberts

 WithCODE NAME BUTTERFLY COVER irony and poignant teenage idealism, Butterfly draws us into her world of adult hypocrisy, sibling rivalries, girlfriends’ power plays, unrequited love…not to mention the political tension of life under occupation. As she observes her fragile environment with all its conflicts, Butterfly is compelled to question everything around her. Is her father a collaborator for the occupiers? Will Nizar ever give her the sign she’s waiting for? How will her friendship with the activist Mays and the airhead Haya survive the unpredictable storms ahead? And why is ‘honour’ such a dangerous word, anyway?

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 … highly recommended for young children, and for those of us who are older but want to remember the excitement of discovering the world around us 





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